David Pinegar

Zound Editions are proud to launch with two high quality limited edition (edition of 99) works on paper. The 2880 Dpi prints are quality approved by the artist himself and come signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity from Tagsmart Certify.

David Pinegar is an Abstract Photographer whose intricate and hyper textured artworks have been seen in several major exhibitions around the UK. His work is a celebration of colour and form and hints at the work of the abstract expressionists for a modern age.

Completely self-taught and with no formal art training, David's work is the culmination of a life well lived and a passion for carving his own unique path.

David struggled at school due to his intense shyness and problems with literacy which formed him to find different mediums to express himself. After many years as a farmer and then working as a professional photographer for thirty years, David finally at the age of 55 decided to commit full time to fine art.

David sees light and the way it falls over objects as his lyrical prose. The dreamlike ensembles burst from his mind like light through a prism, translating emotion and inner thought into physical form.